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This is good stuff with a timeless classic feel. Well put together. Well done.

I cant give this thing enough 10s

As an ff7 fan boy. All my 5 R belong to this. Whatever that means. But its amazing. Great epic song full of inspirational kick assery.


I- I love you.

Very nice

Always good to relax to these kinds of things. More layered than some of your other stuff but I like it. Way to go.


Good work. Keep em coming dewd.

Hexeion responds:

Thanks :)

10/10 5/5

Just got through listening to ghost of frost. This was cleansing. Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Since we're all shareing

I did as the comments instructed. I saw a beach that had no ocean at first. Then I was laying down looking at the stars and started to reach. As I reached The sky itself began to close onto the earth. The burning ozone painlessly swept right past me and onto the earth as it folded into itself over and over until nothing remained.

I continued to lie there reaching. I saw no point to look back and check if I had gone to the stars or if they had come to me. I found myself reaching still out to the stars still.

I felt a yerning to be a part of all that was around me. Even as death herself wrapped me into her embrace, perhaps feeling lonely with her previous haunt becoming no more. Yet with no soul to take and no hope to offer I could only reach. Not adrift in a vacuum, forever blessed to explore the wonders of existence. But perfectly still as if I was still lying on an oceanless beach.

I was a star with no light, with death at my back I smiled. I felt I had a deeper understanding of forever, that I had a meaningful idea of infinite. I was the same as all that shined in the universe. I was encased in the same nothing as anything that ever was truth. I was a prisoner surrounded by lawless freedom. I began to think I was watching too much ghost in the shell. Then I started writing this review.

Bottom line. This was simple. Its not music. But for me I found that if I let it, it can be more meaningful than any song. Sorry I was not able to walk past the crowds. But these things are made to inspire I presume. So bravo it did just that.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

You did walk past the crowds, as in walking past all the stars, life, and seeping your mind into the depths of the universe. This track intends to create an overwhelming feeling of singularity and loneliness. It is suppose to make you want to just go somewhere far, in a vast open space of nothingness mixed with a little something that makes everything around you seem beautiful. Like a gigantic undergound cavern that goes on forever, a large empty abandoned space ship, the universe going on forever as you watch its stars come closer and closer to you.

This music is meant to put you intoa sort of meditational / trance state to where you can imagine all sorts of thins. It kind of is a natural high, and Im glad you wrote down your experiences. I made this extremely simple for a reason, and my next track will actually be fairly complex, much like "Breathe With Me".

Thanks for the long review, these reviews telling me that I inspired... inspire me to make more. :)

I guess you either love it or hate it.

I hate it. I really hate this thing persisted for 5 minutes. It was a loop for heavens sake. I dont get this style of music. With all of the great audio submissions on newgrounds how is this in the top tier for now? It does not sound as if you are without skill. So make some music for us. We have enough noise. Kudos For the top 50 bracket.


Not for me. A crazy fast well placed beat with some out of tune or misplayed, albeit not by accident, kind of keyboard. I thought it was bad. Perhaps if it flowed and the notes were in tune. Hey it was a good effort, and I respect the time it must have taken to make this.

Hell yes

Who the heck cares what the real instrument can and cant do dewd! That was awesome! I thought the whole thing was great. If I fell down some stairs and into this this song it would be a good day. I'll keep an eye out for any other submissions you might have like this!

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