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Whats the music?

Consistently awesome. I like that they will heal the sick no matter how suspicious the towns folk are. Love your stuff.

I love this kind of thing

That explosion was awesome and I approve of this message. Your voice is fine dewd :3.

omfg cant wait for prt 666 omg omg!

Mai gawd i just got my face sockets raped by deez flash and its DA BOMB! BLAURAUAR! (i fired ma lazar) But seriously, a short novel at least? We wanna know how it ends ^^ So your fans dont shoot themselves?

Probably the best flash ever concieved.

First off. I love the animation quality. It makes tarboy look like a piece of shit. The music was an orgasm in my ears. If I could have your babies, I would because of how awesome and quality this flash is. As a matter of fact, I cant help but notice, your art style in this flash shines through in the pooping scene. I want more works of art like this to flood the portal. Bravo to you!

Positive feedback

I'm loving how often these things are coming out. You and your team must be working pretty steady to keep the flow going like this. As far as the flash goes I think the music was excellent, the animation was superb. I'm not a fan of the dialog but who cares? The little man is epic and I love it. Hope to see the next installment very soon.

Who cares if its not all original.

Its amazing. I'm going to watch it again. This was like falling down a flight of stairs into a bag of sex. Not sure if I liked it at first. But after its all said and done it all = yes. Music was made to be inspirational anyhow so it all works.

I'm a fan

So it was awefully funny to me, plus the kittens made me all giggly, and thats always a good thing. Scr8ta. I don't know what that means either.

Not all its hyped to be

It was'nt bad at all, but I supose I was a little hyped up by the fans. Probably just not my style of humor. Nothing wrong with that of course. But I thought the animation and art style was awesome. That is all.

Go you

I think your an artist. A real one. And I'm thankfull you do flash.

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